Why Join The Academy? Each week I will send you THREE 40-60 minute long 200NL+ 6max liveplay videos so you can see exactly what it takes to beat midstakes cash online in 2020.

The importance of study

Online poker gets tougher every year. If you’re not studying the game off-table, you’re falling behind. I created this subscription service to make sure you always have access to fresh high-level poker content right there in your inbox each and every week so you don’t have to scour the depths of YouTube or other training sites looking for something decent to learn from. My video content is formatted in the most efficient possible manner so you’ll never find yourself sitting there falling asleep waiting for an interesting spot to come up.

Who is the academy for?

The $5CGA was designed specifically for serious 6max online cash players who’s main stake is anywhere from 10NL-200NL who are looking to take their game to the next level. The academy is for grinders who understand the value of investing money to grow their winrate so they can pull more money out of higher stakes games. It’s for people who understand that you don’t get better at poker simply by playing, and that you need to be doing off-table work to see real progress. Looking at what better players are doing (liveplay training videos) and taking extensive notes and then slowly integrating learning points into your own game is one of the most efficient ways to get better at poker.

What do I Get?

You will receive a minimum of three full length (40-60 minute) highly optimized training videos direct to your inbox every week. These videos will always be at 200NL or higher stakes (will do lower stakes videos occasionally, but these will be in addition to the three 200NL+ videos) and will usually be in the Zoom format so you get to see as many interesting hands as possible. Each video is sped up slightly during the standard preflop spots (boring bits) so you’re getting the maximum possible learning from each and every video. Occasionally I’ll release videos played on regular tables, but again edited in such a way that the action is fast so you don’t lose interest. I try to make my commentary as clear, concise, and to-the-point as possible to maximize the amount of learning you can achieve per video. So you’re guaranteed at least 2 hours of really well put together content each week for no more than the price of a cup of coffee! The price is $5 billed weekly. I’ll also occasionally release additional videos to supplement your learning  – there’s already a growing library of theory/study oriented videos you can view immediately!

Why am I doing this?

I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to play online poker professionally for several years now and I decided it was time to give back to the community that has given me so much. I’ve been told I’m crazy for giving away so much valuable information for just a couple big blinds each week. Business is a hobby of mine and quite simply I wanted experience developing and marketing an information product like this as well as building a community and helping others reach their poker goals. I genuinely believe the raw value of the training content I put out each week is worth several times its cost but I figured if I can give it away practically for free, I’ll be able to build a community of loyal followers much quicker!

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No-Nonsense Training Videos Most videos are of me playing 2-3 tables of 200NL Zoom while commentating my thinking... but turbocharged. So you get to see plenty of spots with detailed explanations of my thinking without the boring stuff.

Harvey Meale Professional online 6max cash poker player

I’ve been playing online cash professionally for the last four years now across multiple different sites with good success at stakes from 200NL-1KNL. Over the past year I’ve invested a lot of time and money into my own development as a player and have learnt all about the small things top tier players are doing that their opponents aren’t that separate them as some of the best in the world.

To this day I am still investing hundreds of dollars per month to receive one-on-one coaching so I can stay ahead of the curve and bring you that same information at a tiny fraction of the cost through the $5 Cash Game Academy.

Below are my recent results I have currently in my database.

Why am I doing this? Here's why I decided to create the $5 Cash Game Academy

To put it bluntly, all of the other training sites kind of suck at the moment… Not as a whole, but specifically for guys playing 10NL-200NL 6max online cash, there isn’t much good stuff out there right now.

A lot of the videos being put out regularly for the on popular training sites now are for PLO, MTTs, heads up, or are theory based stuff which I personally find less stimulating. Before I hired a coach and got one on one sessions, the training videos I got the most out of were usually 3-4 tables of Zoom with commentary. These videos helped me a ton because I could see how all the small seemingly innocuous preflop spots were being played as well as what the coach was thinking postflop and their overall approach to the game. Over the course of a 40 minute video, I saw a ton of spots and could usually make plenty of notes.

What I can’t stand is videos of coaches playing 2-3 reg tables, talking slowly, and pausing the action constantly to go off on some unimportant tangent about something irrelevant. The point I’m making is that there seems to be a massive shortage of quality coaching videos being produced regularly at this point in time.

The reality is that most of the actual coaching and learning going on in the world of online cash is taking place behind closed doors within stables and private coaching sessions (which I too participate in). But unfortunately not everyone can access a stable full of dedicated coaches or can’t afford to pay hundreds per hour to learn from an expert.

And thus the $5 Cash Game Academy was born! I created this service primarily to solve two problems I saw in the poker content world:

  1. Boring, slow-paced, irrelevant, and tedious training content. This describes a lot of the material being produced on training sites nowadays. Instead, what I produce is content formatted in a much more appealing manner – high paced action, to-the-point commentary, no unnecessary stopping and starting, no boring bits!
  2. Consistent access to advanced strategy at an extremely affordable price. It’s so incredibly difficult if you’re a hobbyist playing microstakes to find high level content worth consuming without breaking the bank. It’s even more difficult if you’re a serious grinder, semi-pro, or professional who knows they need to be putting in the time off-table to improve their game but feels guilty for neglecting that responsibility. Sure, you’ll occasionally find some good free stuff on YouTube, but the videos are usually quite short and produced sporadically at best. With my subscription service, you know exactly what you’re getting and exactly when you’re getting it, so you can plan a consistent study routine that best fits your schedule.

I’ve been told by regs that I’m absolutely crazy for giving away this amount of information and strategy for $5. I definitely see their point – I feel the information I’m delivering each week holds a raw value of over $100 easily. But I figured that by entering the market at an extremely low price I’ll be able to provide value to a much broader audience.

If I’m being completely honest, I’m not doing this for the money.  That should be obvious by the price point I’ve chosen – a huge chunk of that $5 is eaten up by payment processors. Yes, I intend for it to one day make some cash but for now my only priority is to build a community that I can massively overdeliver value to each and every week.

Anyways, if you’re anything like me and have a short attention span when it comes to watching poker content online, you’re going to want fast paced action, clear and concise commentary, and no boring bits. And that is exactly what I intend on delivering in the $5 Cash Game Academy.

Once you’ve bought the subscription, you’ll gain access the first week’s training videos as well as some bonus material. Then, three times a week you’ll be drip fed new 40-60 minute long training videos. Each and every week you’ll be getting at least 2 hours of content for the price of a cup of coffee. I’ll push out bonus videos occasionally as well.

If that sounds good to you, sign up today and check it out!